Who Knew Zach Braff Was Such A Sweet Guy Who Would Hang Out With Three Strangers In Vienna?

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Zach Braff hangs out in Vienna new friends video contest Reddit

I feel like I've always had this mistaken view that Zach Braff is some sort of douchebag. I couldn't tell you where or when I picked up this assumption, I just thought he was supposed to be some universally reviled jerk. But then I learned two things today:

1) Zach Braff is a Redditor. Like, not only did he make an account for his AMA eight months ago, but he's since stayed on to contribute to posts about Mitt Romney and poking fun at himself. It's rare for celebrities to willingly immerse themselves in Reddit's culture beyond politely promoting a new project.

2) When he hit 1 million Facebook fans, Zach held a contest where he would come visit whoever came up with the best 30-second video about their hometown. Three dudes from Vienna (Lukas, Lukas, and Thomas) had the best video, and Zach remained true to his word and spent a day (May 2, 2012) with them.

It's really sweet! Usually when we think about a celebrity hanging out with fans, it's a very formal, five-minutes-for-the-cameras sort of deal. But you can tell from this video that Zach considers himself to be the winning party here: He gets to explore a previously unknown city (and Vienna is gorgeous) with three expert tour guides. He trades stories about running into Arnold Schwarzenegger at the gym with the guys telling him what are the best Viennese German words (leiwand, for the record).

He even jams with them. This is like something out of a wish-fulfillment-fantasy movie.