Zac Efron’s Russian Billionaire Fan Treated Him To A $100,000 Bottle Of Champagne

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We think someone's got a cru-ush! A Russian billionaire (he is unnamed, probably to protect him from this cute but embarrassing story) was partying it up in Chicago's Board Room nightclub when he saw that Zac Efron and Heather Graham had come in.

Obviously this guy was a fan of High School Musical, or maybe Charlie St. Cloud, because he generously ordered a $100,000 bottle of champagne to be delivered to Zac's table. His own guests weren't so lucky; the billionaire spent “only” $12,550 on their assorted drinks.

How do we have all the numbers? Because someone nabbed a copy of the bill, of course! (Side note: The first time through I misread this and thought the billionaire was also a rapper called Armand de Brignac Nebuchadnezzar, or the Ace of Spades. Turns out that's the name of the pricey champagne.)

No word on if the billionaire ever outed himself to Zac and Heather, who are in town shooting a movie that used to be known as Homeland, and is currently untitled. But we enjoyed this silly reenactment of the encounter from Deadspin.

Oh, and Zac's face above? That's his Mr. Burns impression: “Yeess, yeess! Now, what other billionaires can I lure in with my impish good looks and dance skills? Papa needs a new set of wheels…”