Look Up Cutie-Patootie In The Dictionary And You’ll See Zac Efron Pretending To Smoke Weed

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Zac Efron smoking weed townies movie may 23 2013Well I'll be damned. Just when I thought a video of an ornery cat driving a sick dog to the vet would be the best thing on the Internet today, I see photos of Zac Efron pretending to smoke weed for a movie called Townies. If that's not the most adorable thing you've heard all week, you need to quit the internet. Don't resign, don't write an emotional goodbye letter, just quit it.

According to my friend Mr. IMDB, the movie is  “a comedy centered on a frat boy whose behavior affects a local neighbor's family life.” Let me guess, Zac is the frat boy and his grass smokin' affects a local neighbor's family life. Also his bare shirtin'. That's that thing where you have a really good body and then take off your shirt and act like you have no ideas that your abs are blinding people with their awesomeness. It's a real thing, I promise you. And my glass eye promises you.

Zac Efron arrest townies movie may 23 2013

But you know what's not a real thing? These photos of Zac-no-K-for-no-reason getting arrested. So yeah, if you see these floating around today, don't get confused. He wasn't with Amanda Bynes last night. He's just acting because he's an actor — and a pretty scandal-free one at that. While Disney's lady stars tend to spend some time on the wrong side of the tracks after getting emancipated from Mickey Mouse, Zac didn't act up at all. Sure one time he dropped a condom on the red carpet, but who hasn't done that. Just now, while typing this up, I dropped six condoms. It happens!

So enjoy knowing that these scandalous photos are totally fake. But if you like his bad boy antics, we can probably find you a photo of him wearing a leather jacket and making some kind of adorably sassy face.

(Photos: PacificCoastNews.com)