Zac Efron Sings A Birthday Song For Ellen, Sadly Forgets To Jump Out Of A Cake

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Zac Efron Ellen guitar wheres Taylor Swift

Zac Efron really knows what he's doing. It's like when he was born, God came down from Heaven into the hospital room and blessed him and said, “You, my child, shall grow up to drive women crazy. I give you the gift of sexiness, with an extra dash of charm. Go forth and fulfill your destiny. Now does anyone know where I can use the bathroom around here? The road back to the pearly gates doesn't have a rest stop.”

Zac's been especially swoon-worthy during his recent press tour for his new movie That Awkward Moment. Because the movie is about sex and dating, we've had the opportunity to hear Zac's many thoughts on sex and dating. Those thoughts include his openness to sex on the first date, as well as sex in the kitchen. He also made women the world over weak in the knees when he simply touched his biggest fan on the elbow, and he destroyed us with “awws” when he became BFF with a monkey.

Now, as the icing on the cake Zac and I made together in the kitchen (wink, wink) in my dreams last night, he went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and sang to her for her birthday. Ellen's birthday was actually last weekend, January 26th, but she's Ellen so she can celebrate whenever she wants. Ellen gets a few facts wrong, as she's forgivably wont to do lately, and says Zac learned the guitar specifically for this moment, and that he wrote the song himself. But would Ellen really expect anything less from America's collective dream boyfriend?

It turns out he started to learn the guitar when he was on the show in 2012 and did a duet with Taylor Swift, whose name he invokes in this very video. SHE'S EVERYWHERE. He also didn't write the song himself. It's the chorus of Stevie Wonder's “Happy Birthday,” which ends up sounding very repetitive but extremely adorable. God did good with this one.

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