Here’s That Supercut Of Zac Efron Being Shirtless You’ve Been Waiting For Your Whole Life

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Zac Efron shirtless

Hey you. Yes, you right there. I know you woke up this morning with a burning desire to watch a supercut of Zac Efron being shirtless in movies. Don't even try to deny it. The entire world has woken up with that desire since the dawn of man. Yes, even before Zac Efron and supercuts were a thing. They didn't know why they wanted it, but they did. And now our universal human wish has been granted thanks to this MTV video in honor of his newest shirtless movie Neighbors.

If you like your shirtless man ogling to be an organized practice, this video will thrill you. It's broken up into segments based on type of shirtlessness. There's swimming shirtless, lounging around shirtless, having sexy times shirtless, being goofy shirtless, and of course playing basketball shirtless. There's even a little Zefron butt thrown in for good measure, so that's my NSFW warning. So you know, if you're at work right now and your boss happens to disapprove of you looking at bare backsides, wait to watch this until you're home.

And then of course you're probably going to watch it once or twice more to pick your favorite shirtless moment. Because everybody knows you're nobody unless you can name your favorite time Zac Efron has taken his shirt off. Isn't that how all party conversations start these days? You don't want to look like a dork and be all, “I like when he dances in his underwear in The Paperboy” when the more original response would be “That time he bounced a basketball in 17 Again.” Or if you really want to be edgy, say the MTV Movie Awards. I mean honestly, get with the program and study your shirtless Zefron. There's really no excuse.

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