Here’s That GIF You Wanted Of Zac Efron Getting His Shirt Ripped Off At The MTV Movie Awards

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Zac Efron MTV Movie Awards Rita Ora shirt rip

This year at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards MTV decided to out-MTV themselves and add a whole new category to the awards: Best Shirtless Performance. I'm not sure why “performance” is in the name, since I don't think acting had much to do with it, unless all the nominees actually have beer bellies but are such good actors that we believe they have six packs. You never know; people really do go overboard with the method acting these days. Either way, though, Zac Efron was in the category for That Awkward Moment, so he was pretty much a lock to win.

And obviously when Zac took to the stage to accept his golden popcorn (which unfortunately looks very inedible — the worst kind of popcorn), the award giver-outer Rita Ora came up behind him and ripped his shirt open. There are a few explanations for the ease with which she undid those buttons. Either Zac just happened to be wearing a snappy-button shirt last night, Rita was just totally cool with aggressively ripping a movie star's expensive clothing item, or this bit was planned ahead of time. I'm gonna go with the last option there, especially considering it looks like Zac might have prepped his abs with a little extra self-tanner just for this occasion. Also I don't believe anything done at an MTV awards show is spontaneous — particularly where foam fingers are involved.

In case that intense moment of shirt-rippage wasn't enough for you, there's a bonus GIF below of Zac totally embracing the shirtlessness that got him that prestigious award and giving us the flex we all deserve for voting for him. If you didn't vote for him, I think you're legally obligated to look away right now. No Zac Efron abs for you, TRAITOR. All you non-traitors, go ahead and enjoy:

Zac Efron MTV Movie Awards Shirtless flex

(GIFs: Buzzfeed)