This GIF Of Zac Efron Finding Out He’s On LiLo’s Bang List Is Completely Priceless

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Zac Efron wearing suit on Conan awkward face GIF(via)

Y'know that list that Lindsay Lohan supposedly made of every famous guy she's ever slept with? Yeah. Well I got so excited about the fact that it even exists that I completely forgot to be excited for when the guys themselves would be asked about it. And guess what? IT'S STARTING.

There were like thirty-six names on said list, and while some of the names were blurred out on account of supposedly belonging to married guys, there were quite a few that weren't. One of whom was the notoriously-DTF Zac Efron. Except it was written ‘Zack Efron', which was one of the things that made me think it wasn't fake. That's a mistake that only someone who knew his name from speaking to him and knowing him in real life would make, right?

It's just like the fact that Joaquin Phoenix‘s name was misspelled and shortened down to ‘J. Pheonix'. If you'd only ever said these names out loud to their faces, then you might not know how to spell them and wouldn't bother to check if you were just dashing off a list to impress your friends. Unlike celebrity bloggers like me, who pride themselves on spelling Galifianakis in our sleep. This is our art.

Zac Efron getting asked about Lindsay Lohan's sex list car GIF March 2014

BUT ANYWAY. Guess who hadn't heard about the bang list until just today? ZACK EFRON HIMSELF. When Zac was scampering to his car, a reporter asked for a response, saying, “She put down all the men she's bedded in Hollywood, and you were one of them.” And then oh my god you guys his face. I honestly don't even know what to think of it, whether they did or they didn't, I just can't get over Zac's completely silent reaction.

Zac Efron getting asked about Lindsay Lohan's sex list car GIF March 2014 close up

Door…slam. I love this. I would've given anything to be a fly on the…dashboard of that car. Because you know as soon as he was out of earshot, he let loose a slurry of WTF texts to Lindsay, who I suspect is about to be having a very busy week.

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