Zac Efron Is Cool With Sex On The First Date, So Form An Orderly Line To The Left, Ladies

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Zac Efron filming Townies May 2013What are you doing here? Still standing around as if you have nowhere to be? Clearly you heard yet that Zac Efron is down to pound on the first date, or you'd already be on a plane halfway to Bonetown by this time. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

In a recent interview with Glamour promoting his upcoming movie That Awkward Moment (which, as it happens, also stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, aka the weirdest combination of guys I can imagine), Zac says that he has absolutely no issues with giving it up on Date Numero Uno.

“Sex is a beautiful thing. I don't object.”

Um neither do we, Zachary. Neither do we. I can only really speak for myself, but I think it's safe to say that if you got fifty women all in a room and asked them if they'd have sex with Zefron on the first date, about A HUNDRED of them would say yes. Humans would jump in the windows and rapell down from the ceilings just to answer the question. That's what happens when Zac says the word ‘sex' in a crowded room. It gets all Mission: Impossible-y in there.

“I think every single girl has something different and special about her. You find one who clicks with your vibe. Fate brings people together.”

Okay, just be careful, Zachary, because if you're really about to say that EVERY SINGLE GIRL has something special about her, then you should know that fate isn't the only thing that brings people together. Plane tickets also bring people together, and I think I just heard about five thousand being purchased to wherever it is you are right now.

“I think the most important thing for me in a relationship is honesty. In the beginning, sometimes girls don't show their genuine personality… Just be honest and up-front. I think that's the hardest. The awkward thing for me is when the realization happens that I actually might like this girl. Then I become awkward.”

Well get your big boy pants on, Zac, because I suspect your Celebrity OkCupid account is about to experience a full-on lady deluge. LET'S FIND IT.

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