If This Photo Of Zac Efron With A Kitten Doesn’t Make Your Day, You Need To Invest In A New Heart

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Zac Efron kitten are we officially dating yet set

Even though I hate cats more than I hate any other living creature, I'm still obsessed with this amazing photo of Zac Efron hanging out with a kitten on his shoulder. So much in fact that I might just Photoshop (that's a fancy way of saying opening up Paint on my PC) an inspirational quote onto it, print it out and stand on the street corner handing it out. I know, I know, that's too much goodness on one street corner. But I truly believe that this photo only has the potential to make the world a better place.

Apparently he met this rescue cat while shooting a promo for the stupidly titled movie, Are We Officially Dating Yet? Can you imagine how many new couples will end up breaking up due to the name of this movie? This is an early estimate based on pure guessture, but I'd say 14,000.

Do you want to see a movie?

Are we officially dating yet?

Um, wow, hmm, I mean I like you, but it's our 3rd date and I kinda just wanted to see a movie.

I know! I follow you! Are we officially dating yet?

Anyway, love-destroying-potential aside, Zac's now considering adopting this kitten after spending the day shooting the promo with him. According to the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center, Zac and Camo (there go the old ovaries!) really hit it off on set and now Zac wants to hang out with him on the reg.

Zac Efron adopting camo cat

Just imagining the adventures of Zac and Camo instantly makes today a great day. First they'll make a hilarious Vine together about Nicole Kidman peeing on Zac, then they'll film a High School Musical remake where Zac plays Troy and Camo plays all the other parts and finally they'll go find the missing K in Zac's name. As Jennifer Love Hewitt never actually said, “I can't hardly wait!”

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