Um, Did We Know That Zac Efron Was In Rehab?

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Zac Efron at Tribeca Film Festival April 2013I see what you're doing, incredibly canny publicists of Zac Efron. You're trying to drop info bombs about him at 5:00pm on a Tuesday so they slip through the cracks tonight and are buried by more recent occurrences tomorrow and never get reported on. Well that might work with other news outlets, you tricksy bunnies, but not here at Crushable. Where news never sleeps! Where content is king! Where…I happen to still be at work and eating Momofuku cake truffles at my desk. This is the face of journalism.

So here's the news, guys: Zac Efron apparently did a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse. And not all that recently, either — like five months ago, if you believe reports. There aren't a ton of details out there yet because this is just breaking, but I have to give some serious kudos to him and his team for keeping this information private for so long. It's always a great thing when celebrities are ready and willing to get help, and I also have massive respect for anyone who keeps their private life private. And since Zac managed to do both of those things (assuming this story is true), all I have to say is good for you, dude.

There's no word on what encouraged him to seek help, which facility he chose, or how long he remained there, but a source does tell E! Online that he's now doing well:

“He's healthy, happy and not drinking. He's taking time to focus on working.”

I think that's a great move; just keep your head down and keep at it. And if that's his goal, then he's totally killing it. He currently has three movies in the pipeline, and his current project, Parklandpremieres October 4th.

(Image: Dan Jackman / WENN.com)