Zac Efron To Seduce Harrison Ford’s Wife And Daughter In New Thriller… Yeah, We Buy It

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Zac Efron You Belong To Me psychological thriller seduce Harrison Ford wife daughter Cape Fear Robert De NiroYou kids ever hear of a movie called Cape Fear? I only know it because I watched both versions in a film class in college, but the gist is, it's Robert De Niro all muscly and tattooed and sort of sexy but also a convict and maybe a rapist.

Well, Zac Efron‘s new psychological thriller sounds like an updated version of Cape Fear. It's called You Belong To Me, and no, it's not the kind of movie where Taylor Swift will be on the soundtrack. If all the negotiations go through, Harrison Ford will play a psychiatrist who's grieving the loss of a suicidal patient. He befriends her brother James (Zac's character), but things turn ugly when James inserts himself into the doctor's life and tries to seduce not only his daughter, but his wife as well.

In Cape Fear this creepy preying on women made sense because De Niro's character was the same age as protagonist Nick Nolte. Here it'd be a little tougher to sell, but if anyone is going to ooze sex appeal while being utterly depraved and manipulative, it'd have to be Zac. I mean, just look at those arms.

Zac Efron arms gif You Belong To Me psychological thriller Harrison Ford

I'm impressed with this casting! Zac's been taking on darker roles lately. Audiences took really well to him playing an Iraq veteran haunted by what he saw overseas in The Lucky One, and while his role in The Paperboy was more kitschy than anything else, it helped establish him as a very sexual actor who will dance in the rain in his tighty-whities.

Now I want to see him get angry. Or at least, decide that this is what he wants and he's not gonna go the sentimental route of tracking down some girl in a photo. No, he's gonna sweet-talk, and lie, and stalk, and watch you while you're sleeping. He'll be the sexiest villain we've seen in a long time.

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