Zac Efron Is ‘Shopping’ For A New Girlfriend, Which Is A Totally Straight Thing To Do

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Zac Efron Is  Shopping  For A New Girlfriend  Which Is A Totally Straight Thing To Do Zac Efron pointing and saying it is GIF gifAre you ready for the straightest sentence you’ll ever hear in your life? Zac Efron is apparently ‘shopping’ for a new girlfriend right now. And just in case that didn’t drive the point home, he also has a ‘wish list’, just like every other run-of-the-mill heterosexual male.

Zac has been linked to women like Lily Collins and Imogen Poots by the rumor mill, but the only person he’s spent any significant time with relationship-wise is Vanessa Hudgens, whom he dated from 2005, when they met on the set of High School Musicalto 2010, when they broke up. At which point Zac apparently needed like four years to get over her and start looking for a new beard…I mean girlfriend. Sorry about that, my fingers just typed it out all on their own.

But beard or no, according to a source with Radar Online, Zac is aiming significantly higher this time around.

“Zac has compiled a ‘wish list’ of eligible women – and Eva Mendes heads the list. Zac wants to date someone who’s not intimidated by fame and who can challenge him intellectually.”

And when I said ‘aiming higher’, I meant ‘AIMING THE HIGHEST’. For, like, the most attractive human lady on the planet, who just got done dating Ryan Gosling, and is fourteen years older than you. C’mon bro. More realistically, he also has his eyes on Lea Michele, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez.

“Zac also has always had a huge crush on Rihanna, apparently, but her partying habit rules her out for anything long-term.”

Yeah, that’s the reason you can’t get with Rihanna. Honestly dude, Selena Gomez might be vaguely within your league, so you should focus on that. But if I could give you one more piece of advice? Find a word for ‘looking for a girlfriend’ that doesn’t sound like you’re gonna head down to the Beard Factory and wear your purchase out of the store, yeah? Thanks.

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