Watch Zac Efron Become Best Friends With A Monkey On Live Television

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Zac Efron Monkey Today Show video January 2014

Zac Efron went on the Today Show this morning to promote his new movie That Awkward Moment with his co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller. Ever since I watched that video of him charming his biggest fan with adorable elbow rubbing, I've been very pro-Zefron, so I immediately perked up.

The people who schedule segments on Today are very clever, because they decided to have Zac and the guys participate in the rescued zoo animals segment. Why was this so clever? Because everyone knows there's nothing like watching Zac Efron with cute animals to give a girl the strength to get through the first workday after a three-day weekend.

Zac stood there with a little red riding monkey perched on his shoulder joking that he's his wingman, and suddenly my heart was alive with the sound of music. Aladdin is my favorite Disney prince, so seeing Zac with his own little Abu is something I'll treasure forever. Zac even tried to get the monkey to give him a high five. Monkey wasn't interested at first, but he finally gave in. Unfortunately the camera wasn't on him at that point, so I got to see Savannah Guthrie aww-ing at it without actually seeing it myself. Savannah Guthrie is obviously now my worst enemy. Her eyeballs have seen things my eyeballs want to see.

If the monkey isn't enough for you, watch the whole video to see Zac pet a lion cub while the monkey is still on his shoulder. And then if you look in the background after that, he tries to feed the monkey a piece of banana but ends up eating it himself.

Zac was also a total sweetheart in the interview portion, I might add. Worst Enemy Savannah asked him how he's doing after rehab, and he said he's “never been this happy before.” Then he very sincerely told her, “Thank you for asking.” My heart.