You Will Smile All The Way Through This Video Of Zac Efron Meeting His Biggest Fan

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You Will Smile All The Way Through This Video Of Zac Efron Meeting His Biggest Fan Zac Efron meeting his biggest fan Kirby Koo at Facebook January 2014 640x640 jpg

Are you ready to smile for like fifteen solid minutes? Because if you’re not, you definitely shouldn’t watch this video of Zac Efron meeting one of his biggest fans at a Facebook promotional event for his upcoming movie, That Awkward Moment.

At the event, a young Facebook employee named Kirby Koo stood up to reveal to Zac that she’s a huuuuuge fan of his. But not even in the way you might be thinking right, where she’s screaming and incoherent and jumping up and down. She’s actually really adorable about it. In a hilariously self-aware way, she clearly and calmly tells him that she’s been obsessed with him for years and is kind of having a moment right now because her husband has given her permission to like…have a situation with him if he feels mutually. Cue laughter from the crowd.

It’s a moment that Zac — or any celebrity, really — could have easily laughed off with just a ‘thank you’ or an ‘awww, that’s sweet’, but he really went the extra mile. He came into the audience to give Kirby a hug, was super effusive and genuine about thanking her for being a fan, and was all about the charming elbow touches. He really nailed it, and if you watch it, you’ll probably smile (almost) as widely as Kirby was, even if five minutes ago, you didn’t think you were that obsessed with Zac yourself.

SO CUTE, right?? But it’s not over yet. To follow that up, Zac put up a photo of the two meeting on his own Facebook wall, and thanked her with the following letter:


I have so much more I want to say. And I will- when I find the words. But I’ll start here- When you stood up, with such strength, and sincerity and gave me perhaps the nicest compliment I’ve been paid…it meant so much more than that to me. Facebook and online media in general, show only half the picture- sure people see me, but I never get to see them.

Yesterday was the first time in a very long time that I was able to look into your eyes and remember why I do what I do- and will never stop. I needed that, more than you will ever know and just wanted to say thanks- face to face soon I hope. :)”

He seems really honestly thrilled and touched to have met her, and I love that neither of them felt the need to hide how excited they were about the moment, or try to play it cool.

With this and the brave, mature way I think he’s been handling his rumored struggles with addiction, I might be turning into a late-in-life Zefron fan myself. I love it.

(Image: Facebook)