Just Photos Of Michelle Rodriguez And Zac Efron Kissing, Because Nothing Makes Sense

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Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron vacationing together in Italy July 2014When we found out last week that Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez were friends, I thought that was as confused as I'd ever be by the two of them. But now that pictures have emerged of them kissing on a boat, I've lost all understanding of what is real in this cruel, confusing world.

But seriously you guys WHAT IS HAPPENING. It was weird enough that Zac and Michelle had secretly formed a friendship behind my back that was somehow strong enough to sustain a joint vacation to Italy, but this is just the last straw. I'm supposed to be consulted on these matters, and especially coming off a three-day weekend, I'm simply not equipped to see photos of Zac lovingly bending over Michelle's face to tenderly plant a kiss on it while the two of them lounge on a boat off the coast of Sardinia. Definitely up there with the weirdest celebrity couples ever.

(And lest you think this was an isolated incident, there are also photos of face touching, side-of-head-kissing, show-offy flexing, and lower-back caressing, to really get your head spinning in confusion.)

So I guess what I need to know now is whether this is a publicity stunt or not. These two have both been famous for long enough to know that telephoto lenses can capture you frolicking at sea, and it really makes me wonder if they were staging a scene for the paparazzi. After all, Michelle and Zac have been friends since at least 2012, and they're both actors, so I can totally see them deciding to mess with us once they saw how baffled everyone was by their friendship.

Either that or Michelle Rodriguez is just on a mission to date all the most beautiful people on Earth, starting with Cara Delevigne, moving on to Zac, and ending up god knows where. Maybe Jessica Alba? It's hard to say.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews)