Video: Zac Efron Has A Bra Unhooking Contest With Jimmy Kimmel

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This bra unhooking thing is going to follow Zac Efron around for the rest of his life, isn't it? He's going to be old and in a nursing home, and people are still going to be like “OMG Zac Efron, show me how you unhook a bra, you naughty little teen actor.”

Regardless, he seems like he's enjoying it, or maybe just playing along very nicely. Last night when Zac was on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting his movie The Lucky One, Jimmy took it as an opportunity to challenge Zac to a bra unhooking contest. For an added element of physical comedy, he brought out two stocky Hispanic men (both named Guillermo) wearing four bras each. Zac then proceeded to wipe the floor with Jimmy, unhooking all of the bras in no time while Jimmy was still struggling with his. And then, just to sweeten the win, he removed Jimmy's last bra with a single flick of his golden, supple, probably-touched-a-lot-of-boobs hand. Go Zefron!

They didn't agree on a wager beforehand, but I think Jimmy should have to watch his movie now. Also, I want to know who Zefron is sleeping with.

(Via Youtube)