Zac Efron’s Bodyguard Is Taking The Fall For Him, Which Makes Us Even More Suspicious

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Zac Efron attending the Oscars March 2014The news just broke today that Zac Efron was attacked by a transient in a really rough neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles last Sunday morning, but for as sketchy as that information already was, it's only getting worse.

It's telling for a struggling addict to be in an area like Skid Row after dark, but Zac has been insistent with police that he was in the area because his car ran out of gas, not because anyone in the vehicle was attempting to purchase cocaine or another narcotic. But given that there isn't much else the neighborhood's known for and that they ended up in a knock-down-drag-out fight with transients, you'll forgive me if I'm a little hesitant to jump on board with that story.

And only more so now that the man who was along with Zac, identifying himself as his ‘bodyguard', is now speaking out and trying to relieve his employer of responsibility for what happened. According to the bodyguard, who not only refused to share his name, but also has a ‘criminal record for drugs and violence', Zac actually saved his life.

He said they were ‘cruising' around, which he later corrected to say they'd been eating at a restaurant in Little Tokyo, when they ran out of gas and he got out of the car, for whatever reason. He doesn't say why, but I guess we're to assume it definitely wasn't in order to facilitate a drug deal. At that point, he says the transients in question attacked him with ‘a spear', which TMZ assumes is a shank of some sort, stabbing him in the face, arms, and chest. When Zac saw that happening, he reportedly leapt out of the car and came to his defense with a bottle of vodka, thwarting the attack.

Okay so hold on. That bottle that Zac said he threw out of the car for no reason, the bodyguard is now saying was used as a weapon of self-defense? Those are super different stories, and still no one has been able to address why they didn't stop for gas before they were literally out and couldn't drive anymore, or why they got out of the car at all in such a dangerous neighborhood.

I was first in line to applaud Zac when he wore his six-month chip in public, and I would love if his recovery is going well, but if this was a drug-related incident, it doesn't do anyone any good to sit on the details. The sooner people come forward and speak honestly about what happened, the sooner we can get Zac the help that he seems to truly need. There's no shame in that, but there is shame in lying.

(Photo: Dave Bedrosian / Future Image / WENN.com)