17 Shows & Movies On YouTube Red You’ll Want To Binge ASAP

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The days where YouTube was a space to set up a camera and bare your soul have been replaced with drone footage, highly produced travel vlogs and even feature films. YouTube Red, the platforms paid streaming service, is well on its way to replace Netflix and Hulu as top streaming contenders. Your favorite creators aren't just making vlogs and reviewing videos anymore. They're starring in original web series', documentaries and competition shows.

Check out these YouTube Red Originals and get ready to binge them all weekend long.

1. Me and My Grandma

Me and My Grandma stars lifestyle vlogger, Eva Gutowski . She plays Jane, a twentysomething aspiring actress who moves to Los Angeles from Michigan to pursue her dreams. She's joined by her grandma there, played by Rhea Perlman. Naturally, the pair struggles to get acclimated to that LA life which results in some pretty hilarious moments.