Video: The First Presidential Debate Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

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Just when you thought those Bad Lip Reading videos couldn't get any funnier/stupider, BLR is back with a Presidential debate that will knock your socks off. If you, like me, watched this debate and thought it was one of the most boring and mind numbing things ever to be recorded for the small screen, you will find this a great improvement. Perhaps not in the level of discourse, but certainly in entertainment value.

Part of this lies in the impressions; whatever geniuses did the voices sound just enough like Barack and Mitt to make it sound almost believably like it's them saying it. (Jim Lehrer¬†sounds like Jim Lehrer's inner self.) And of course, the lip reading. It's so real! Choice lines include “the hot tub is cool now, hee hee hee,” Obama saying Romney is black, “and when he died, they had him stuffed, like a water buffalo,” and the part where Lehrer makes them both hum so he can sing. No matter what your political orientation is, I think we can all agree that this is some good, weird fun.

(Via Youtube)