Your Musical Guide To Last Night’s Nashville: Alcohol Makes Everything Better

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Nashville 1x06 recap "You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)" Connie Britton Rayna drunk Scarlett Avery cheat Hayden Panettiere

This might have been my favorite Nashville episode, because the characters are all getting into their respective grooves. In 1×06 “You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Go)” the storylines fit together nicely without being contrived, and it's not like everyone is aiming for the same goal. Again, the writers have done a great job at showing how Juliette and Rayna, despite being rivals, are at very different points in their careers: Juliette's trying to re-charm her fans over social media, while Rayna's searching for inspiration to bring back the spark she once had.

Meanwhile, Rayna's husband Teddy sabotages his political rival Coleman Carlisle, but we realize that Carlisle has even more damning evidence against Teddy. Linked into that is Deacon, who wants to save his niece Scarlett from bloodthirsty talent agents and her unfaithful boyfriend Avery, but of course they have to learn these lessons on their own.

Plus, a lot of great music this week that marked each plotline! Here's the full list.

Performed by: The Black Angels

“Don't Owe You A Thing”
Performed by: Gary Clark, Jr.

Rayna approaches Irish rocker Liam McGuinnis about helping to rejuvenate her sound, but at first he writes her off as shallow, soccer-mom fare. It's only when she reveals that she went to one of his shows five years ago before he was famous that he decides that this country star might not be washed up yet.

Performed by: Jonathan Jackson (Avery)

Since he learned that collaborating with Scarlett and Gunnar doesn't work for him, Avery and his band played a local gig trying to drum up attention. Jonathan Jackson sounds pretty good here, and it's too bad that there isn't a video online yet. Avery comes across as more earnest and less of a bad boy when he's performing. It makes us realize what Scarlett sees in him.

“Gasoline and Matches”
Performed by: Buddy & Julie Miller

Marilyn wants to potentially sign Avery and his band, but from the moment we meet this older woman, we know she's predatory, and not in a good way.

“You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man”
Performed by: Loretta Lynn

Switching gears: In an effort to clean up her tarnished image, Juliette goes out with Tim Tebow-esque football player Sean Butler. But instead of being an empty-headed jock, he's savvy enough to know that she has a lot at stake when it comes to fixing her public image.

“That's What's Up”
Performed by: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes

I know that other shows have done this same plot — after dinner, Juliette decides to fly her and Sean to Miami — but I still really liked the actors' chemistry! These characters, famous for representing different ends of the spectrum, keep one-upping each other. There's a great push-and-pull that I'd like to see in future episodes, especially once Juliette brings out his hotheaded side.

“Runner Ups”
Performed by: Kurt Vile

Turns out Deacon has a bit of history with Marilyn, where he refused to sign with her when he was just starting out. He warns her to stay away from Avery because it turns out she has a habit of bedding her young male talent. And of course, Gunnar overhears the exchange and wants to act in Scarlett's best interests, as well. Of course, to do that he would've had to talk to Avery, which he refuses to. Fail, Gunnar.

“Love Like Mine”
Performed by: Hayden Panettiere (Juliette) and Tilky Jones (Sean)

Sadly, the only video is Juliette singing this song alone. But did it seem a little too convenient for a football player to also be able to play the guitar and have a great voice? Then again, Tilky Jones is a singer-songwriter, so the producers are obviously utilizing him.

“The Jam The Wicked”
Performed by: T-Bone Burnett

You know what Rayna finds out is her inspiration? Whiskey, and lots of it. Liam's buddy takes a video of her singing “Buried Under” while drunk, and instead of slurring her words or falling off the stage, she's engaging and (in his words) “electric.” Although I confess that when he told Rayna, “Last night was magical,” I briefly feared they had slept together. Then again, if Marilyn is going after a younger man, why can't Rayna?

“The Day You Die”
Performed by: Lindi Ortega

Stupid, stupid Avery gets drawn in by the cougar Marilyn. In fact, he's legitimately dumb: He agrees to go back to her place for drinks and “to talk about his music.” Then when she kisses him, he almost goes along with it before saying that he can't do this. But once Gunnar told Scarlett what he overheard, she's angry with Avery for even going home with Marilyn. Which is kinda unfair of her: He stopped before things went south!

However, in typical TV-drama form, after Scarlett storms out, Avery decides he'll go back to Marilyn's and get laid while promoting his career. Stupid, stupid Avery.

“Body Work”
Performed by: Morgan Page

Sean and Juliette dance at the club and actually have a great time. It's sweet how he asks for a club soda while she enjoys her drinks. But then outside they get accosted by a paparazzo. And while Juliette is surprisingly calm about the situation, Sean freaks and shoves the guy, breaking his camera.

Ultimately, Juliette proves herself a mastermind and pays off the photog, adding that he'll be her number-one tip for her next ten public appearances. But I want to know what made Sean snap like that! Hopefully future episodes will explore that.

“Buried Under”
Performed by: Connie Britton (Rayna)

Rayna recreates her performance — without booze this time — and her producer is a big fan. Too bad her husband and father just incriminated Carlisle by having a police officer pull him over, only to discover a bottle of pills. Of course, the twist is that Carlisle is Deacon's NA sponsor and the pills were Deacon's. But he won't let Deacon go public because “the only way this program works is to remain anonymous.” And anyway, he's got those photos of Teddy and Peggy looking like they're having an affair. Uh oh.

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