How to Make Sure Your ’90s Childhood Stays With You Forever

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If you've watched either of the '90s movie/ TV clip mashup videos, you've experienced the flood of nostalgia that they create. It's normally comes with a sudden urge to organize your junk drawer in the vain hope you might find the Tamagotchi you lost in the third grade and run to the store to grab mass quantities of airheads and gushers. [Editor's note: and Ring Pops!]

While most clips are an instant trip down memory lane, some seem more immediate; because some channel is still showing Full House reruns at 2 AM, and you never really gave up sunny D (though you now prefer your daily dose of vitamin C spiked). Here are some other ways you've made sure your 90s childhood never really went anywhere.

This is one of the better renditions of the classic '90s cartoon theme songs, but you'd be hard pressed to find a college a capella group that doesn't have one of the three in their repertoire. And at least one person at rehearsal will be wearing a TMNT  T-shirt.








A convention, Halloween, a cold night. There's never a wrong time to slip into a symbol or more carefree days.


Global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, blah, blah, blah. We have recycle bins in our apartment because captain planet, he's our hero.









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