Now That Ryan Reynolds Is With Blake Lively, You Can Bet The Woman Who Took This Photo Of Young Ryan Posing With A Puppy Is Kicking Herself

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Thank you, Reddit, for little gems like this! Last night Redditor CW89 posted this photo in r/aww, of a 20-year-old Ryan Reynolds before he made it big. Like, post-teen-soap Fifteen fame but pre-Hollywood move. CW89 explained, “Ryan and my aunt dated before he had to move to L.A. (Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place). This is a picture at my grandparent's house that was found in an old family album.” It's dated 1996 and features perhaps Ryan's cutest co-star to date, a black lab named Tye.

young Ryan Reynolds posing with puppy photo Reddit 1996 Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place

As of 1996, Ryan had had small roles on The X-Files and in the TV movie of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but according to his IMDb bio, Ryan and a friend decided to leave Vancouver not for a specific role but simply to try and make it in Hollywood. In 1997, he landed the role of the cute but dumb Berg on Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place, a sitcom that would also launch the career of Nathan Fillion. CW89 wouldn't reveal any more information, like what his/her aunt has to say about Ryan playing superheroes, divorcing Scarlett Johansson, having famous abs, and house-hunting in the suburbs with Blake Lively.

While several female Redditors in the thread rued the fact that they didn't live in Canada in the '90s, the majority of posters didn't seem to get the appeal. jlkozach writes,

This picture is making the girls floodgates open, but I'm not seeing it?

Yes, it's Ryan Reynolds, and yes he's a decent looking guy in this picture, but I've got to be missing something(And yes, I see the puppy). If you saw the RR in this picture on the street, and it's not RR, you think.. “Oh that's a cute guy” and nothing else. He's scrawny and not doing much with the hair.

Before I get the wrath of all women, this isn't an anti-RR rant. I think he's a stellar looking man these days. He's a work out god and has ridiculous Hollywood looks. This pic though? C'mon now.

Speaking for Crushable, I think the appeal is not that he's devastatingly sexy in the photo, but that it's really cool to see a celebrity back when he was a scrawny kid hanging out with his girlfriend and thinking maybe someday he'd hitch a ride down to Los Angeles, but not today, because there are puppies to be cuddled.

Photo: Reddit