Video: 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Was Just As Cute And Coy In Interviews As He Is Now

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To celebrate Canadian morning show Canada AM, The Hollywood Reporter unearthed this sweet video of a young Ryan Gosling doing one of his first big TV interviews. This is a few years after he started performing in Mormon talent shows and melting hearts all across Ontario.

When we first saw that video, we commented that even at 10, Ryan knew what a hit he was with audiences. You could see it on his face. He's got that same confidence in this interview, where I swear he's already started to perfect the Gosling Smirk that would later serve him well in Murder by Numbers and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Just watch him flirt with the interviewer who asks him to show off his moves and he says, “You'll just have to watch the show.” He doesn't ramble; he spins around in his chair to be fun and not because he's bored or distracted; he confesses that he's “surprised” his friends don't tease him for being a Mouseketeer. His poise and natural goofiness is kind of incredible. Here's a star in the making. (Also, how adorable is it that he wants to meet Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson?)

And of course, we couldn't stop at just one video. This never-before-seen interview spurred us on a scavenger hunt across YouTube, where we tracked Ryan through his early career. Of course, there's the Mormon talent show video that started it all:

But I especially love this behind-the-scenes video from Young Hercules. This is the show that first introduced my sister and me to Gosling; he was certainly a cute hero, but still very gawky and self-deprecating.

“If I never work again…” 18-year-old Ryan says. How sweet and modest. And how could we forget him playing some sort of asshole bully on The Adventures of Shirley Holmes? It was basically Veronica Mars version 1.0.

Watching Gosling videos is a great way to spend one's Tuesday, don't you agree?