This Incredibly Cool Video Of Lorde Singing At Age 12 Will Make You Feel Supremely Uncool

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Lorde performing at a showcase in Berlin September 2013

I don't know about you, but I suffered through a very long awkward stage.  Like ten years long.  We're talking from age seven through late high school long. You know who seems to have completely bypassed that whole painfully awkward preteen/teen thing?  Lorde.  She's sixteen, for crying out loud! She's probably the only teenager I'm aware of who actually kind of knows who she is and what she believes.  And she's at least 500 times cooler than I ever was or ever will be.  I'm two years away from thirty and I am pretty much just as awkward as I always was.  Lorde was even cool at twelve.   TWELVE, people!  I still sported greasy bangs, patent leather Airwalks, and a robust American Girl doll collection at that age.

In the video below, Lorde is seen rocking out during a Battle of the Bands competition, ala School of Rock. She belts out “Man on the Silver Mountain” and she's almost better than Ronnie James Dio, for God's sake.  I need to make sure my dad never knows who Lorde is and keep him from seeing this video, because it will just make him further bemoan the fact that I was not only not an athletic child, but could not come close to wailing his favorite rock tunes.  Sorry, Dad!  Just kidding.  I know you love me.  Right?  RIGHT?!

I don't know how they feel about Lorde over yonder in New Zealand, or what exactly is in the water over there, but wow.  What a young star to be proud of, huh?  Sure, she gets into feuds, but what 16-year-old doesn't?  If the worst way she's “acted out” so far is by calling David Guetta “gross,” I think I can live with that.

(Photo: WENN)