The 17 Young People Who All The Old People Will Know By Next Year

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The 17 Young People Who All the Old People Will Know By Next Year The Janoskians shirtless on stage Toronto June 2013 2 jpg

Remember the good ole’ days when Justin Bieber was nothing more than a harmless child who made his own Youtube videos?  While it’s hard to remember, Bieber and other current stars were once newbies in Hollywood, just tween celebrities who no one else knew. Today Justin sits on the teenybopper throne, ordering his minions around and stalking Selena Gomez. But who will be the next teen star to rule the teenybopper kingdom once Justin’s popularity fades? Maybe I’ve been watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones recently, but I’d reckon a battle is upon us for the crown. Teens like Cody Simpson, Ross Lynch, and Ariane Grande have only become bigger stars since last year; in my opinion, they are on the verge of teen superstardom. Since we have no patience, we’re skipping the waiting game and figuring out who will be the next big thing right now!

Dare I say it? Today’s Bieber might be tomorrow’s Austin Mahone, and Selena Gomez will soon be looking for another day job once Victoria Justice sings her way onto the pop princess pyramid. Victoria will position herself right beside Miley Cyrus and right under Britney Spears. Selena will be all like “But I’m always on your left,” and Britney will reply (perfectly auto-tuned) “That was when there was three of us, and now the tallest (and the ones untainted by Bieber) go in the middle. The middle is reserved for those of us with twerking skills and bad haircuts. Now SWITCH.” Not that Victoria Justice falls into either of these categories. But no matter! Victoria (along with my girl Ariana Grande) is destined to overtake Selena and reign over the Teen Choice Awards and other events I’ve been too old for since 2009.

We’ve put together a list of young, upcoming stars who your parents will be asking you about by next year, and you’ll roll your eyes and answer “Duh, everybody knows the difference between a ‘Mahomie’ and a ‘Justicer.'” You may not have heard of the lesser known tween stars: Joey King, Asa Butterfield, and Sasha Pieterse, but don’t fret, this list will clue you into the 17 rising stars that will be huge names within the year. These are who the kids are all talking about, and soon you will be talking about them too!

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