Young Buck Is Winning The 2012 Competition For ‘Worst Year Ever’…And It’s Not Even June

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In case you're worried about what a shitty year you're having, I have some schadenfreude-worthy news for you.

Rapper Young Buck, formerly of G-Unit, was evicted from his mansion in Tennessee on May 16th. I hear what you're saying, “Hey! I also got evicted from my mansion this year! My year is just as shitty as Young Buck's so far!” Well, before you get all indignant, is the reason that you sold your house because a judge forced you to, based on the fact that you owe the IRS an incredibly specific $333,975.69 in unpaid taxes?

Oh, you do? That's…very odd and unlikely. But I will humor you for a moment, because you are my dear devoted reader. If you are indeed still in this competition, and you were just evicted, and owe over $300K to the government…were you also shot at in an attempted drive-by in March? Like, with a gun? And also ELEVEN TIMES?

Yeah. Didn't think so.

Well, Young Buck, hopefully this is rock bottom, because you still have six more months to turn this around.

Or I guess you could really go for the gold for the ‘Worst Year Ever' competition. It might be worth it just to see what the prize is.

(Image: defsounds.com)