You Know What Today Needs? An Emma Stone GIF Wall

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I'm obsessed with Emma Stone. I just think she's the best. You might have even read that in my The Amazing Spider-Man review last week. Or inside my brain this week when I started finding all these amazing Emma Stone GIFs on tumblr. It's like the actress and her roles were created to be GIFed. And tell you what, I don't say that about a lot of people. Really only her and Magic Mike. And tell you what, NASA just confirmed that as a scientific fact. Some people are just made to be tumbled.

She's funny, she's smart, she looks great in red hair. Really, there's nothing bad that you can possibly say about her. So before you start weekend-ing it up, take a lot at the awesome Emma Stone GIFs we found today. And if you think you know of an even better one, one that belongs in this superstar collection, leave a link in the comments.