You Can’t Really Blame Tara Reid’s Rep for Giving the Wrong Name for Her New Husband

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Proof that you're jumping into an unwise Hollywood marriage: Your representative doesn't even know the lucky guy's name. Tara Reid surprised us (but in some ways, didn't surprise us) by getting engaged and married within a few days, during her stay in Greece this past week and weekend. She tweeted the happy news but didn't mention the guy's name, so her rep Jack Ketsoyan filled in the spaces for news outlets. Problem is, he told everyone that Tara got hitched to her ex-boyfriend, Danish businessman Michael Lillelund.

The people in question quickly sorted out the confusion. Michael released a statement where he said (somewhat snarkily), “If she has married, then she hasn’t married me, that’s for sure. I haven’t spoken to her since February. I’m in the Hamptons in New York. I’m not even in Greece.”

Tara updated her Twitter with her real husband's name: Zack Kehayov, the man pictured above. She didn't clarify how long they'd been dating until the engagement-turned-marriage, but obviously it can't have been that long since she and Michael broke things off in February.

And there's the crux of this argument. Based on her past broken engagements, Tara Reid is pretty flighty and prone to impulsive decisions when it comes to her love life. The jaunt to Greece seemed more like a relaxing vacation than a wedding opportunity; it's likely that she and Zack got caught up in the moment. She obviously didn't plan it, so we can't really blame her rep Jack Ketsoyan for not keeping up.

It could be argued that since he's been working with her for the last few years, then Jack should be used to Tara's shenanigans and know every single person she's seen with, romantically and otherwise. But come on — that's too cruel of a life to expect of anyone.