Xojane Inadvertently Proves Landlady’s Case Against Courtney Love

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As I reported yesterday, Courtney Love is being evicted from her townhouse for failing to pay the rent and making lease-violating changes to the interior like covering the walls in “damask wallpaper and ice blue paint.” To prove that Courtney totally does not deserve to get evicted for this (and btw did you know Jane Pratt is friends with Courtney Love?!), professional 90s celebrity knower Jane Pratt has published photos of the interior of Courtney's townhouse, which show…said damask wallpaper and ice blue paint. It's not breaking the lease if it looks nice, right?

While I do not object to being given a photo tour of Courtney's home, it seems a little bit underminey to publish evidence of the very things she's being evicted over. Sure, her house looks lovely, but that has no bearing on whether or not she broke the lease. It seems to me like this post should be titled Jane Pratt Knows Celebrities Who Are Totes In The News For Stuff, especially when it includes pictures like this:


And here is some pictorial evidence that Courtney has completed her transition from “sarcastic, loveable crazy person” to “air headed, New Age-y crazy person who has read, and taken notes on, The Secret”: