Check Out The Teaser Of J-Law In X-Men That Was Hidden At The End Of Spider Man

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Check Out The Teaser Of J Law In X Men That Was Hidden At The End Of Spider Man Army guy transforming into Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X Men Days Of Future Past GIF gif(via)

Even if you saw The Amazing Spider Man 2 this weekend, there’s a good chance that you didn’t stay until the very last moment. After all, two hours and twenty two minutes is a long time to work on a cherry coke, so you’d be forgiven for racing off to the bathroom as soon as the music swells and the credits start rolling.

But if you did scoot out early, there’s a good chance you missed out on a little sneak peak that was hidden at the end. It’s typically reserved for coda scenes at the end of Disney or Marvel features (like Captain America: The Winter Soldierfor example), intended to introduce new characters or lay out the direction of the franchise moving forward, but in this case it was a preview for a whole ‘nother movie: X Men: Days Of Future Past.

It shows Jennifer Lawrence in full blue-regalia as Mystique, revealing herself and freeing her mutant cohorts from captivity. Check it out:

Pretty fun, right? But also pretty weird, given that the two movies are from completely different studios. Usually when a coda scene is insterted, its to promote more material from that same studio, like Disney did for The Avengers.

But in this case, Spider Man is owned by Sony and X Men is being released by 20th Century Fox on May 23rd, so you might be wondering whyyyy one studio is giving another free advertising? According to Variety, it’s because Spider Man director Marc Webb had an ongoing contract with Fox Searchlight to direct another movie after 500 Days Of Summer, and they weren’t super excited to let him dip out of it to make a sequel for the original Spider Man. 

Negotiations stalled for a bit, and then Fox agreed to let Marc direct Spider Man 2, as long as he gave them some free promo at the end. So there you have it! It’s a complicated bargain between two studios, but it works out great for us, because we get to see a glorious J-Law clip, so you won’t hear me complaining.