It’s Time To Discuss The Weird Sexual Tension Between Demi Lovato And Simon Cowell On The X-Factor

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Did anyone else get a strange vibe from Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato during the first episode of The X-Factor USA last week? Something about their interactions rubbed me the wrong way. In the same way that Lifetime movies occasionally rub me the wrong way. So I suppose what I'm trying to say is that this is my moment of truth.

Despite the fact that Simon Cowell is old enough to be Demi Lovato's estranged great-uncle, he flirted with her as if they're peers. As if they're not 32 years apart.

While I understand that the judges need to have some kind of chemistry between them for these shows to work, I think his conversation with her last week about her not-boyfriend-but-maybe-boyfriend Niall Horan from One Direction came off pretty creepy.

Our BFFs over at MTV transcribed it for us, because they're cool like that.

“By the way, Niall says ‘Hi',” Demi told Cowell, leaving him a bit baffled.

He then warned her, “Oh, from One Direction? Keep away from him. He's pure. OK?”

While Lovato seemed both amused and offended by his response, she reassured Cowell that right now she's not looking for a boyfriend. “I'm not looking for anything. I'm not going to date anybody for a whole year,” she said, but implied that the two had discussed something romantic when she added, “And I made that clear to him.”

Cowell, not completely buying it, then asked, “Have you kissed him?”

That question left Demi a bit smiley, but still she still assured him nothing has happened between them. “No. Simon, no,” she told him. “Oh my gosh!” she muttered walking away from him.

While you might know that I'm one of the of top 9000 pop-culture bloggers working for the interweb, you probably don't know I'm also a professional reader-into-things. That's someone who reads really deeply into everything. Like some people see a celebrity couple walking their dog, I see two C-list stars attempting to do an abstract audition for the Beethoven remake.

So maybe I'm reading into the video from Conan below all wrong. Or more disturbingly, maybe I'm reading into all too right.

(Cue the scary music…)

Does anyone else feel like they need to take the flirting down a notch? Or am I just the prude who still believes that boss-friend-co-judges shouldn't hit on younger employee-friend-co-judges?