All You Need To Know About This X Factor Performance Is It Brought Demi Lovato To Tears

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Demi Lovato X Factor Restless Road December 2013

I don't always watch performances from The X Factor, but when I do, I prefer the ones that make Demi Lovato cry. But seriously, I do not watch The X Factor, or other talent competition shows, mostly because I don't have 18 hours a week to devote to watching a single television show. I also don't have twenty minutes available to sit twiddling my thumbs while the host pauses before announcing who's been eliminated. But sometimes I enjoy watching the show's most buzzed-about performances after the fact without having any kind of investment in who goes home or whether they got Simon Cowell to look up from his admiring his chest hair.

Last night country trio Restless Road put a new spin on Avicii's hit song “Wake Me Up” as part of the show's “unplugged” round, and it was pretty great. So great that judge Demi Lovato got all teary-eyed and said they're definitely going to the semi-finals. And then that got one of the group's members Colton Pack all teary-eyed. Tears all around!

You've probably heard “Wake Me Up” at some point this year. I feel like I've heard it in at least twenty movie trailers, but I guess that might be a liberal estimate. I shouldn't make irresponsible statements like that. It might have only been nineteen. Let's be honest, it really is a great song to put over an emotional montage of pretty movie stars laughing at nonexistent jokes and riding excitedly on bicycle handles and such.

Restless Road put a slower, more country twist on the original danceable tune, and I must say it works really well. It didn't bring me to tears, but it did give me a couple of goosebumps. I'm a bit of a sucker for acoustic guitars and cute country twangs, as well as adapting popular songs for new genres. Watch the performance below, and then watch Demi Lovato adorably wipe away tears.