The X Factor Makes Demi Lovato Drinking Joke And Oddly Enough, She Doesn’t Find It Funny

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The X Factor Makes Demi Lovato Drinking Joke And Oddly Enough  She Doesn t Find It Funny Demi Lovato what the fuck the x factor joke gifYou know what’s super duper hilar? Making jokes about drinking to someone who’s a recovering alcoholic. That’s why The X Factor created an entire segment during the show last night about Demi Lovato drinking something mysterious all season. While the punchline of the video was that it turns out she was “drinking annoying juice” in an effort to annoy Simon Cowell, the joke kinda got lost on Demi since she doesn’t drink anymore.

But before I begin my sarcarant (sarcastic rant, whaddya guys think?), I want it on the record that alcohol abuse issues aside, that video’s on a 5th grade level of humor. Annoying juice, really? Who brought their kid to work yesterday and let him produce a video? Was it Simon Cowell? Did he slip a camera to his fetus and tell him to make Papa proud? I know, that was a weird visual, I’m sorry, I’m done now. Back to the business at hand.

So Demi Lovato’s extremely open about her problems with drugs and alcohol. And we applaud her for her honesty on the reg here at Crushable. Because she’s so open, we know that there’s no way in hell that the people involved in making that video didn’t know about her past. It’s insane to me that not one person stepped forward said, “you know what, due to the fact that drinking’s a sensitive topic for her, maybe we should find another way to make this (lame) joke.” But alas, as we now know, that did not happen.

While Demi handled it like a champ, her mouthed “what the fuck” to Simon during the video and subsequent comment reveals exactly how she feels about this stupid stunt.

 “I think it’s very, very clear since I don’t drink anymore ‘Annoying Juice’ has become my new drink and I love it because I get to annoy Simon with it.”

As always, great work Simon Cowell! Way to make people feel good about themselves and their lives. Also, sorry you failed to get in her pants after trying so very hard for two seasons.

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