X Factor Contestant Katie Waissel Was A Busy Girl Before Meeting Simon Cowell

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X Factor Contestant Katie Waissel Was A Busy Girl Before Meeting Simon Cowell KatieWaissel 225x200 pngOne of Simon Cowell‘s young British protegees is in a bit of hot water today, after news came out that she might have  broken the eligibility rules to be an X Factor participant. It turns out that contestant Katie Waissel may have taped some vocals for one of our favorite young singers, David Reed. The track in question is “Moving Mountains,” which David once played for Crushable live. The track was recorded over a year ago, but X Factor rules state that contestants cannot have an outstanding recording contract.

The producers supposedly paid a lot of money to get that track buried. Which means they may have known about her recording contract and tried to get her on the show anyhow. If Katie doesn’t get kicked off, it may be Simon Cowell who has a lot of explaining to do.

Katie just beat out fan favorite Aiden Grimshaw last night on the show, Katie is currently a very controversial lady across the pond. David Reed’s team isn’t currently talking about whether Katie is the vocalist on his track, but considering how busy she was before auditioning for The X Factor, the most surprising thing would be if The X Factor didn’t know about her previous work.

As Katie Vogel, she starred in an online reality series called The Green Eyed World that tracked her attempts to make it in the American recording industry (video at the end of this post). Now, amid rumors that her place in Cowell’s contest has been fixed, there’s talk that Katie is fleeing the UK. The only way that can happen is if this new song leak frees her from her X Factor contract.
Meanwhile, X Factor producers clearly took an interest in her from the beginning of the show. As you can see from this audition video, Katie’s story was edited to be a big emotional draw. And watching her interactions with Cowell and crew, it’s not so hard to imagine that some of it was worked out beforehand:

And according to The Daily Mail:

“Her old record company in the U.S. released a song featuring her vocals last week, despite show bosses shelling out thousands of pounds to extract her from a contract so she could take part in the series.”
If The X Factor didn’t know about her previous contract, how could they have spent that money?