17 TV Couples Who Never Should Have Gotten Together

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The WB

You know, sometimes TV show writers just get things wrong. Sometimes they go in a really wrong direction and pair up two characters that have no reason to be together. They're so awkward that you can barely even stand to watch when they share scenes. Seriously, it's almost like some of these couples got together simply because they were both characters on the same television show. A lot of the following pairings have a total lack of chemistry and nothing in common (/sometimes, it's both). In other words, they should never have gotten together in the first place.

For every Jim and Pam or Chandler and Monica, there are other TV couples that really should've never hooked up in the first place, like at all. Though these duos may have been fun to watch at some points, they were mostly awkward and just totally mismatched in the grand scheme of things. Take a look through to see all of the odd couples that should have never even gotten to that relationship stage.