The Worst Television Series Finales That Left Fans Saying, “WTF?”

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The Secret Life of the Ameican Teenager (2008-2013)

ABC Family/Freeform

This teen show followed Amy Juergens, (Shailene Woodley), a girl who got pregnant before her freshman year of high school even started. The series showed her family, boyfriends, baby, and endless other teen characters hooking up, having sex, dating, and dealing with other teen drama. This show was definitely a guilty pleasure because it was never that well written and the last season REALLY proved that.

The whole last season was pretty awful, but the series finale stood out as the worst of the worst — probably because of the complete lack of closure. What happened to everyone? How could they give us all of these characters and not tell us exactly what happens to any of them? Or even show them graduating? The show was about high school after all. Plus all of the drama with Amy, Ricky, and Ben wasn't resolved either. Bad choice, writers.