The Worst Talk Show Audience Experiences, As Reviewed On Yelp

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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (overall 4.5 stars)

Jimmy Fallon goodbye wave


A lot of the complaints about Jimmy's show had to do with waiting in line and bad seating. Apparently if you're in line to get Marc Anthony's autograph you're treated with more respect, according to this person:

My friend and I woke up a six and were in line for standby tickets at 6:45.  We were numbers 14 and 15.  At approximately 7:00 a security guard came outside and told the people in line that we could not sit down on the ground because his bosses didn't like people sitting down during office hours.  This rule, however, did not seem to apply to the people in line for Marc Anthony autographs. – JB A. (1 star)


While we are in line an intern or something comes to us and asks us if we want an upgrade and be on the BAND BENCH *Spoiler Alert* The Band bench SUCKS!! the Seats are hard and you can't see the stage as well. But I digress, She sells us by telling us that we will go on stage with the band at the end of the show. Sounds cool right? Again….. the BAND BENCH Sucks remember? I thought we would be sitting by the Roots as well, but nope, the BAND BENCH (that sucks) is in the back nowhere near the roots. – Scott A. (2 stars)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! (overall 4.5 stars)

Jimmy Kimmel The Storm Is Gonna Hit


Even though the show is free, this woman had a very bad money exchange experience. I'm sure Jimmy Kimmel himself didn't order the “money in mouth” move, but it's still pretty terrible:

The Weeknd was performing and they were selling his new CD on the side of the venue. I didn't want to loose my place in the front row to buy the CD. The bald creepy announcer guy who always sticks his tongue out offers to get the CDs for people in the front if they gave him money. BIG MISTAKE.
So he takes my $20 and disgustingly put the change in his mouth and gave back my wet $5 bill. Repulsive. So here I am expecting my CD and he comes back and says someone didn't give him enough money. He doesn't even try to figure out who it was and just started passing out CDs he got with the money he had to the people he remembered ..even to the people who short changed him!  In the end me and 2 other girls got nothing because he gave the CDs to the wrong people. – Kimberly A. (1 star)

I'm not sure if this reviewer means Jimmy was literally watching a basketball game under his desk, or if it's just an analogy, but either way he apparently wasn't giving it his all:

From the beginning, I got the sense that Kimmel was bored. That he didn't want to be there. You hear showbiz people say, “This is the best job in the world” but not him. Even his guests seemed anxious to leave. Not like Leno or Letterman, where guests stay as long as they can. It's a lot of work to clap and keep your enthusiasm so long when 1. Jimmy isn't into it and 2. He's not funny. It seemed he was watching the Laker game under his desk. It's great for convenience, easy, fast. Would I go back? Not unless the guests were personal favorites. – Alejandra P. (2 stars)

Chelsea Lately (overall 3.5 stars)

Chelsea Handler focus on the question


Apparently Chelsea's front row arrangement is the opposite of Jay Leno's. Whereas it sounds like preppy white guys got seated in the front row there, here it's all about the pretty ladies. Also read to the end of this one (it's worth it):

The Chelsea lately taping sucked.  We had priority tickets.  The “pretty young women” got the front and 2nd row seats.  It didn't matter that they didn't have priority tickets.  There was a list of don't s on the reservation.  Every single one of them was broken by the young and pretty.  They had to tape that days interview earlier in the day.  To make up for that, they allowed a meet and greet with Chuy.  Big deal. Chelsea never looked at the audience. No interaction what so ever.  The  topic of the day was pubic hair and hairy asses. – Kathryn H. (1 star)

It's doesn't come as much of a surprise that Chelsea isn't especially warm to her guests. That's kind of her shtick. But I just love that even the security guard is jaded at this point:

Essentially, she does not even LOOK at, speak to, address, or acknowledge the audience in any way. I felt like a total idiot being there, having the extremely unfunny opening act tell us to laugh really loud and clap really hard even if it's not funny because we “aren't at home on our couch”. What??! How about be funny…and after the show ends, Chelsea just turns and leaves without a word or comment to the peasants in the crowd and sends Chuy to do a meet and greet. So I ask the security guy if she's always this horrible and he said, “hmmm, I guess I'm just used to her being so cold “. – Jessica P. (1 star)

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