The Worst Talk Show Audience Experiences, As Reviewed On Yelp

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Did you know there are Yelp reviews for pretty much anything? As you can see from the video above, Ellen DeGeneres discovered just that today when she shared a few reviews for her show. And they're not just reviews from people watching the show at home (although there are some of those). They're reviews of the actual experience of going to the show and sitting in the audience.

It turns out that a lot of major talk shows have Yelp pages, so we decided to look through six of the biggest shows and pick out the worst reviews. Keep in mind that these shows overall have good scores — the lowest is 3.5 out of 5 stars. But there are always going to be bad experiences, and it's more fun to look at bad reviews, isn't it? Who needs positivity and happiness? Not this girl. Plus, if you ever decide to go see one of these shows yourself (since they're free) you can keep these reviews in mind so you end up having a better experience. It's also always nice to get some backstage gossip.

The Ellen Show (overall 4.5 stars)

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Even though Ellen showed all positive reviews on her show today, and even though she has a great overall score, people still had some complaints. For instance, if you're not the kind of person who doesn't like screaming, Halloween costumes, or not receiving juice boxes, it might not be for you:

This was the worse! I repeat do not go. Unorganized, prepare to wait for hours  (5hours) for what… to have to get up every few minutes and scream. The worse part was that it was the Halloween show so everyone was dressed up. Do you think they could even given us a piece of candy. At least at Dr. Phil's they give your juice and a snack plus you don't have to wait as long to get in. Just ridiculous. Think twice, three, four, times about going. Total waste. – JoAnn S. (1 star)

This next review is extremely awkward and admittedly pretty sucky. I saw multiple people complaining about the “Riff Raff Room”:

5 minute into the show she announced she was giving everyone in her audience return tickets to the 12 Days Xmas show. We all were thrilled . Until we were told it did not apply to us. How mean and in sensitive can that be! People were sobbing. Felt like a kick in the stomach . Then tickets to maroon 5 concert and their new cd. They should have had the room closed for the day instead of humiliating us. We felt like second class citizens. Even the workers  thought it was a horrible thing to do. They didn't even want to make eye contact with us. – Lorraine L. (1 star)

Late Show With David Letterman (overall 3.5 stars)

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There are often rumors about David Letterman maybe not being the best guy behind-the-scenes, especially considering the affairs he admitted to having with his employees. A lot of reviewers complained about the interns. This one's a little intense:

Letterman's interns do not let you use the bathroom so they save money on water.  They do not have a water fountain in the hall.  They do not even let you get out of your seat.  It was like being in Hitler's nazi concentration camp.
Letterman needs to pay me $200. per hour at 9 hours plus tolls, gas and lunch for my wasted day.  I am an entertainer and have to push people's buttons and show real talent to make them really laugh and clap.  Letterman is a dictator, I would not send my dog to his filthy show. – Dan R. (1 star)

Plenty of people complained about being forced to laugh enthusiastically at things that just weren't funny:

They over-emphasize that you need to stroke “Dave's” ego at all times. They even approached a man on the front row and moved him, because he wasn't laughing or clapping when they told everyone. It feels so forced. Even when “he” wasn't funny, they want you to laugh and cheer.  Just leave the audience alone. If he is so good, it will show. – Jason B. (2 stars)

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (overall 4 stars)

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There were a lot of complaints about long lines and poor planning in terms of how many tickets are given out vs. who actually gets a seat. This guy was very upset that maybe-Seth Rogen told him he couldn't get in:

A guy who was wearing a light grey suite and that looked exactly like Seth Rogan sauntered over to our group and informed us, “The Fire Marshal, will not let anybody else enter the studio since it has reached max capacity”.  Man, was I furious!  It was probably Seth Rogan.  I waited for three long hours, an eternity, to see Jay Leno and the poorly organized NBC staff couldn't anticipate how many people could fit in the studio for the show? – David N. (1 star)

There was also mention from multiple people about how they choose who sits in the front. Apparently it's like getting picked to sit at the popular table in middle school (P.S. The page's name was Paige?):

when i had mentioned to my mother and the people waiting around us that i wanted to be able to shake leno's hand, my mom said that i better stay away from her because they only allow the young attractive people in the front to shake jay's hand. i didn't believe her but boy was she right. when we were getting seated the page (named paige i beleive) was going to sit me in the front but then when she saw i was with my mom she decided to seat us all the way on the side where we were basically sitting behind jay's guests.  two of the guys who were seated in the very very front were standing across from me in the line outside of the studio and i noticed one of their numbers was 158 but because they shopped at ambacrombie, had rainbow sandals on and backwards caps. – Michael G. (2 stars)

I just had to include this anecdote, even though the reviewer viewed it more positively. Apparently Jay Leno is in favor of making lewd boob jokes at audience members. Classy:

A previous Yelper had it spot-on when she said that Jay's jokes during the greeting time is of the suggestive variety.  A girl asked if she could shake his hand, and as she walked down the aisles, Jay asked her if she was in town for the cleavage convention.  Not really witty, but still funny nonetheless. – Andy P. (3 stars)

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