16 of the Worst Real Housewives That Need to Get Kicked Off the Show Now

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Every season we watch The Real Housewives and wonder… How the hell is this person still on the show? I bet you can name at least three or more, but I can name 16. I've watched The Real Housewives of every county, city and state since their inception and the formula still sticks. Like perfectly baked cookies, the recipe needs to be just right. One Neurotic Housewife (Vicki Gunvalson) + One Strong Anchor (Bethenny Frankel) + One Hot Mess (Kenya Moore), + One Housewife Who Pretends to Stay out of Drama (Lisa Vanderpump) = reality TV gold for a Real Housewives installment.

You also need to keep at least one OG castmember at all times to set the foundation for the show i.e. Vicki (Orange County), Ramona (NYC) and Teresa (New Jersey). All the rest is just fluff — and fluff doesn't keep the ratings up. Fluff gets in the way of the serious drama, laughs, and debauchery that needs to happen in every episode to keep us, the viewers interested. As somewhat of a Real Housewives pundit, it's my expert opinion that these ladies of the RH franchise need to be given the boot ASAP to keep the Bravo series going strong.

1. Meghan Edmonds, The Real Housewives of Orange County

Yay! Meghan had a baby! This is also considered the “kiss of death” in soap operas. That's why so many babies on soap operas are “kidnapped” or “sent off to live with relatives”… because babies kill a storyline. Although Meghan's baby, Aspen is adorable, it's better to check out Meghan's new mom-life with Instagram stories — rather than be forced to watch every Meghan scene on RHOOC co-starring someone who can't even talk yet. Unless Baby Aspen puts her finger in a expensive tiered cake or lies about having chicken pox, then it's time to retire Meghan until Aspen is at least old enough to cause drama.