18 Movie Parents Who Should Have Had Child Services Called on Them

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One of the best things about movies that every fan can agree on is their ability to transport you to another place. You can watch a movie that in no way, shape, or form resembles your real life and all of a sudden you’re not on your couch eating popcorn anymore, you’re a part of something else. And that can be truly magical.

It can also be truly terrifying if you’re watching something scary. Even things that aren’t necessarily meant to scare you can give you goosebumps… like horrible characters. In particular, unfit parents who somehow don’t seem to set off any alarm bells to anyone else in the movie, when clearly they should have child services called on them.

Our mothers are all wonderful and we should definitely listen to their advice more often. But for these movie kids, they weren’t so fortunate with their moms and dads.