The 14 Worst Celebrity Tattoos In Existence

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Supernatural matching tattoos


There are a lot of bad decisions celebrities can make, and we watch them make those decisions every day. Today, we're going to talk about their bad tattoo-related decisions. While many celebrity tattoos are artistic and meaningful, others are just mind-bogglingly terrible. Whether they're huge and obnoxious or misspelled or feature the face of someone they've broken up with, there are plenty of bad tattoos to examine on our favorite (and not-so-favorite) celebrities' bodies. Here are fourteen of the worst of the worst.

1. Justin Bieber's Everything

Justin Bieber new tattoo rose August 2013(Photo: Instagram)

Someone clearly forgot to inform Justin Bieber that tattoos are permanent, because he gets one practically every day. He's got a full tattoo sleeve to keep his constantly shirtless body warm, and he just recently got the word “forgive” on his hip, because that's all he ever asks us to do for him. There's also an inexplicable koi carp and his mom's eye and a bunch of other random, douchey things.