2013’s Worst Celebrity Photoshop Jobs, Ranked From Weird To Totally Unrecognizable

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It's pretty expected by now that magazine covers and advertisements will be Photoshopped. A little light retouching is likely appreciated by plenty of celebrities who appear in those images. But can we all agree that sometimes it goes a little too far? To the point where body parts no longer look plausible for a real human to possess and facial features are altered so much that the person just looks like a poorly executed mannequin version of their former self? It always seems pretty pointless, considering the stars who pose for covers and advertisements are already gorgeous creatures women dream of resembling.

In the spirit of December and end-of-the-year reflection, let's look back at ten really bad Photoshop jobs from 2013, ranked from “Huh, that's weird-looking” to “Who are you and what have you done with [insert celebrity name here]?”

10. Miranda Kerr on Marie Claire Australia

Miranda Kerr Marie Claire Cover

What exactly is happening here? I can't decide if it's just the bizarre neckline on that sheer disaster she's wearing or if her head was cut out and then pasted back on in the wrong proportion or what, but something's weird here. I can still tell it's Miranda, though, even if all the life has been sucked out of her face.

9. Beyonce on Flaunt

Beyonce on the Cover Of Flaunt MagazineSome people called Photoshop on the way Beyonce's hand is resting on her glorious bottom in that awkward fashion. I wouldn't put it past Beyonce to get her hand to do that, but it does look pretty impossible. Aside from that, something seems off about her face.

8. Lady Gaga on Glamour

Lady Gaga Glamour Cover

That's Lady Gaga with a smoothed over, dead-in-the-eyes face. Gaga herself called Glamour out on it, saying, “I felt my skin looked too perfect. I felt my hair looked too soft.” I would also like to point out whatever's happening with her waist there. Are waists supposed to look like that?

7. Chloe Moretz on Seventeen

Chloe Moretz photo shopped Seventeen cover October 2013

What is the deal with Chloe's head? Not only does this photo kind of make her look older than she is (16), but it's like they cut her head out with a pair of craft scissors and tilted it at a weird angle before gluing it back on. Heads are not supposed to rest on necks that way!

6. Kate Winslet on Vogue

Kate Winslet Vogue Cover

Kate Winslet is a beautiful woman on her own, and the amount of retouching done to her face in this photo is pretty insulting to that beauty. It's like a weird approximation of what Kate looks like, with her skin stretched so tightly that if she tried to smile she'd probably rip something. The more I look at it, the less it looks like her.

5. Megan Fox in an Avon advertisement

Megan Fox Marie Claire Ad

We all know Megan Fox doesn't really have a very natural look to begin with, but this is pretty absurd. It's like, why is her chin so short, who cut out her entire cheek, and are those what eyes are supposed to look like? That's just not Megan Fox.

4. Jennifer Lawrence on Entertainment Weekly

jennifer lawrence entertainment weekly cover catching fireIs there someone with invisible hands on this cover with Katniss pushing all her facial features uncomfortably to the center of her face? And something's weird about those eyebrows, right? And the sociopath expression? Just checking.

3. Zooey Deschanel on Marie Claire

Zooey Deschanel Marie Claire CoverThis cover is completely devoid of Zooey's adorkable personality and glowing loveliness. Her skin is smoothed over to the point where it looks like a painting, her eyes are lifeless and even her iconic bangs don't look right. She's lost all personality.

2. Melissa McCarthy on The Heat poster

Melissa McCarthy Heat AdThis is a joke. Sandra Bullock's appearance is pretty botched as well, but it can't compare to what they've done to Melissa. Why is her head so tiny and why is it floating near her neck instead of being attached to it? And where did her actual face go? Because that face doesn't belong to any Melissa McCarthys I know.

1. Kerry Washington on Lucky

Kerry Washington Lucky CoverNo. No no no no no. NO NO NO NO. This is not Kerry Washington. If it didn't say her name right there I honestly don't think I would recognize her. What's wrong with her eyes and her nose and just everything about this? Kerry Washington is a beautiful ray of sunshine. You shouldn't have to do a single thing to her.