The Most Pointless Celebrity Cameos in the History of TV and Film

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Renaissance Pictures

Celebrity cameos in movies and TV shows can be really fun if they're done right. Who doesn't love that feeling of spotting someone they recognize in an unfamiliar setting? Bonus points if you notice them before your friends/family/dog. Ben Stiller in Anchorman, Bill Murray in Zombieland, Chuck Norris in Dodgeball… All comedic cameos that were executed perfectly. And don't get me started on James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher in The Big Bang Theory! Watching Darth Vader meet Princess Leia was a sight to behold.

However, there's a fine line between a cameo being utterly hilarious or totally pointless. Unfortunately, far too many films and TV shows have had guest appearances over the years that fall into the latter of those categories. Here's a round-up of some celebrity cameos that we really wish had never happened.