The 15 Worst Celebrities Of 2014, According To Our Readers

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ugh you're the worst


Yesterday we did an open thread asking our readers to tell us who they thought the worst celebrity of 2014 was, because we weren't sure. After all, twelve months is a long time, so you can start out strong in the douchebaggery department and still lose so much steam before the year is out that we barely remember your name or how much we used to hate you.

But luckily our readers have much better memories than we do, and they were able to dredge up some pretty righteous candidates, that I shall present to you here. But before we get started, there are two quick things you should know. Number one, the fact that these people are all on the same list doesn't mean they're all in the same category. Some of these people are violent criminals, some have reeled off hate speech, and some are just super effing annoying. It's all about what ‘worst‘ means to you.

And number two, this list is in no particular order…except, of course, for Bill Cosby, whom everyone has pretty unanimously decided is officially The Worst Celebrity of 2014. Congratulations, a-hole. You truly earned it.

Bill Cosby

bill cosby1


I'm losing count of how many women have now come forward accusing Bill of rape, but I think it's around seventeen, over a span of literal decades. So while he's apparently been at this quite a long time, the accusations have just resurfaced this year, giving us the only silver lining to this whole shitshow — the fact that his career is effectively over. Finally.

Iggy Azalea

iggy azalea


COME ON MAN. You're making it actively more difficult for me to like your music by A. bragging all the time about how it's the best and B. starting so many feuds that I can't even keep track of them all. You're gonna have to get a whole lot better at live performances before you can get away with an ego that size.

Ariana Grande

ariana grande rocket


Full disclosure, I'm a big fan of Ariana's music and I listen to it way more than I care to admit. Butttttt that doesn't mean I'm on board with her personality in any way shape or form because oh my god she's the worst. She can deny it as much as she wants, but there are so many reports out there of her being icy to her fans that it's impossible not to believe them.

Kanye West

kanye west creative genius


Hey I have an idea, maybe don't stop your concert while you yell at a disabled fan to stand up out of his wheelchair. Just a suggestion.

Azealia Banks

azealia banks


If you have ever felt personally victimized by Azealia Banks on Twitter, please raise your hand. No but seriously, Mean Girls jokes aside, being a member of one or multiple minority groups does not give you the right to spew hate speech about that group. Especially when you ascribe negative meaning to the words you're using and you refuse to learn from your mistakes. At this point, I'm pretty sure she's being controversial just for the attention, which is — you guessed it! — the worst.

Chris Brown

chris brown if we ain't freakin we ain't speakin


When you're Chris Brown, you don't even have to have a particularly big year to stay on this list. One of the benefits of being a despicable human!

The Smith Family

smith family


What a great example of a family that hasn't necessarily done anything wrong except for make me roll my eyes to the point of danger. Congratulations Will and Jada on forgetting to raise your two kids Jaden and Willow and letting them gorge themselves on prana energy and much-older dudes instead! School or rules probably would've been helpful somewhere along the line, but WHAT DO I KNOW.

Mark Wahlberg

mark wahlberg


Hey, maybe don't ask for a pardon for that hate crime you committed twenty-six years ago if you don't want us figuring out you're the worst. There's a man walking around blind in one eye because Mark hit him in the face so hard, but sure, I guess serving forty-five days for ruining someone's life is plenty. Or actually too much, according to you! Let's expunge that record so ol' Marky-Mark can expand his restaurant chain!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar


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Raising up nineteen new humans to spread the gospel of having babies until your uterus falls out, and then a couple more after that. Oh and Creationism of course! Because all we need in this world is a bunch of kids who never graduated high school to tell us how silly science is. I forgot.

Ray Rice

ray rice


You know what you did, you piece of garbage. And you're not excused either, NFL. You're sharing a spot with Ray on this shit list.

Kirk Cameron

kirk cameron


I honestly can't remember the last time this guy said something that didn't make me want to put rocks in my ears.

Frankie Grande

frankie grande


I struggled with whether or not to put Frankie on this list because even though he was nominated by a few people and is QUITE CLEARLY THE WORST, is he really a celebrity? He certainly seems to think so, based on his ignorant, embarrassing stint on Big Brother and the gusto with which he waved to his sister Ariana from the audience at the AMAs this year. But hey, two siblings on the same list? Congratulations, you and the Smith Family now have something in common!

Justin Bieber

justin bieber crotch grab


HEY BUDDY WELCOME BACK! Haven't heard from you for a while, but you were so busy earlier this year that I couldn't let you slide out of contention altogether! Remember all those racist jokes you thought were so hilarious? And your DUI arrest? And that deposition video? Yeah, you still got it.

Nick Jonas' Penis

nick jonas water


We get it. You've been inside a lady. ENOUGH.

Lana Del Rey

lana del rey


I'm gonna be honest, nobody mentioned her in the open thread yesterday, but her name occurred to me just now as I was writing this and given all the inane things she's said this year about feminism and how romantic it is to die young, I just couldn't leave her off.