18 World Famous Musicians Who Once Won The Grammy For Best New Artist

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In 1959, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (aka the governing body of the Grammy Awards) introduced a new category: Best New Artist. The requirements are simple — the award goes to a new artist who released the first recording that “establishes their public identity” within the year prior to the ceremony. Meaning that while it doesn’t have to be the artist’s first album. it usually is.

Ever since the category of Best New Artist has been added to the Grammys, the rumor has swirled that winning the award is a curse. Many artists who’ve won it were never able to duplicate the success that got them nominated in the first place, and blame for the doomed careers usually gets pinned on the tiny trophy. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes winning the award makes an artist's career, as was the cast for these Best New Artists of the past…