Woody Harrelson’s Publicists Have Learned Never To Piss Off Reddit After His Disastrous AMA

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Woody Harrelson Reddit AMA disasterNot since Emilia Clarke‘s Reddit Q&A was revealed to be made up by a dedicated fan has a celebrity AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread been so disappointing. Over the weekend, Woody Harrelson created a Reddit account and started up an AMA, saying that he was on the forum to promote his new movie Rampart. But Woody — or, more likely, his PR team — thought they could get away with treating this like any other movie interview: Plug the film, give pre-approved answers, and leave without having answered anything really juicy.

But Reddit will not stand for this. After “Woody” only answered a handful of questions, they roasted him on the thread and elsewhere on Reddit for not keeping up his end of the bargain. You don't start an AMA with less than an hour to devote to it, and you don't edit in a brush-off like Thanks for the great questions. It's a really busy day and I'm going to try to come back…but no guarantees. The most successful celebrity AMAs are the ones from K.A. Applegate or Louis C.K., where they're genuinely interested in answering tough questions and will stick around to try and get to everything.

Woody's biggest mistake was in not acknowledging the “anything” part of AMA. Things got a bit ugly when Redditor AndyRooney popped in with the following anecdote. (Read the whole thing here, because he later edited his comment to include a .gif-by-.gif replay of the night in question, and it's hilarious.)

I swear this is a true story. I went to a high school in LA and you crashed our prom after party (Universal Hilton). You ended up taking the virginity of a girl named Roseanna. You didn’t call her afterwards. She cried a lot. Do you remember any of this and can confirm or have you been so knee deep in hollywood pooty for so long that this qualifies as a mere blip?

Here's Woody's response, which encapsulates what was wrong with this situation:

Woody Harrelson Reddit AMA prom date Roseanne

There's now a whole new thread devoted to mocking Harrelson's disastrous AMA and trying to figure out what the fuck they were thinking. One of the r/iama mods, andrewsmith1986, explained,

We knew that he wouldn't have much time to do an iama and I believe that he didn't quite know what an AMA entitled. He probably thought that it is somewhat like a talk show where you get to plug your movie/book and receive questions about it.

He added that he's talking to Woody's PR reps, who “want to make it right. They didn't know what they were coming up against.” At this point, Redditors would be interested in having the rep him/herself do an AMA, so that might be in the cards.