Watch The Moment Woody Harrelson Realized Liam Hemsworth And Chris Hemsworth Are Brothers

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Watch The Moment Woody Harrelson Realized Liam Hemsworth And Chris Hemsworth Are Brothers Woody Harrelson Liam Hemsworth Catching Fire Interview November 2013 jpg

In an interview clip for last year’s Hunger Games installment, Catching Fire, that’s just now going viral on the interwebz, Woody Harrelson finally puts together that his co-star Liam Hemsworth is related to fellow movie star Chris Hemsworth. Apparently starring in two movies together didn’t do the trick, but a casual comment from an interviewer was just the lightning bolt (or thunder bolt, because Thor) that Woody needed to finally understand.

You can even witness the moment it happens in the video below. Woody shows just the slightest bit of confusion at first but politely doesn’t say anything while Liam and the interviewer discuss his very famous older brother. And yet you can see the wheels turning in Woody’s head as they talk, and then finally it comes to him and he turns to Liam in amazement. “I never got that was your brother until just now!” he says, adding, “You do have the same last name.” That they do, Woody. That they do. But so do Kristen Stewart and Martha Stewart, and as far as I know they’re not related. You can never be sure in this business.

But I’d imagine that would have to come up at some point on set or even at another point during the press tour, right? Even Liam is like, “We never talked about it?” Which leads me to believe maybe Woody went a little too method with his portrayal of Haymitch Abernathy, if you know what I mean. The interviewer seems to think so too, since he asks what Woody has in his mug. He doesn’t miss a beat and answers, “Scotch.” I don’t doubt it. How much do you want to bet that after this interview he went up to Jennifer Lawrence and said, “I had no idea you and Martin were related!”