Woody Allen’s Defense In The New York Times Only Makes Him Look More Guilty

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Let me pause here for a moment and offer a quick head tilt and a “tsk tsk” for poor Woody Allen and the child support he paid.  Forget about Dylan right now because even though Woody Allen very possibly molested her and also betrayed Mia and her children by sleeping with one of her other children, she may or may not have  had a fling with Frank Sinatra, so let's slut-shame her instead.  Really, Woody Allen?  Are you really still not getting it?  Apparently not, because:

Now, suddenly, when I had driven up to her house in Connecticut one afternoon to visit the kids for a few hours, when I would be on my raging adversary’s home turf, with half a dozen people present, when I was in the blissful early stages of a happy new relationship with the woman I’d go on to marry — that I would pick this moment in time to embark on a career as a child molester should seem to the most skeptical mind highly unlikely. The sheer illogic of such a crazy scenario seemed to me dispositive.

“Blissful early stages of a happy new relationship.” I don't have enough energy to get into why that statement about his feelings for a young Soon-Yi totally grosses me out.  Talking about how in love he was with his longtime partner's college-aged daughter does not exactly bode well for a solid defense against child molestation.  At the very least, it doesn't exactly bode well for a solid defense of his overall character, either.  Do I think Mia's completely blameless?  Of course not.  No parent could ever embody perfection; that's not a requirement of parenting.  But I do think her only shortcoming and fault –admittedly not a small one– was continuing her relationship with Woody Allen, after he had proven to be a less-than-stellar father.  Don't believe me?  Take a few minutes to read the findings of fact from the New York Supreme Court back in 1992.

While I certainly would never claim to know what happened between Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow back then, I'm content with being the type of person who sides with a woman who has nothing to gain and a lot to lose by speaking out against her alleged abuser.  I mean, his sole defense consisted of personally attacking Mia and Ronan.  Why vilify them if you're truly innocent?   It just doesn't make sense to me.  I think his entire defense was transparent and misguided. My heart goes out to the Dylan and the rest of the Farrow family.

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