The CW’s Wonder Woman Show Amazon Sounds Like A Cross Between Smallville And Grey’s Anatomy

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Apparently having learned nothing from last year's failed David E. Kelley series, The Powers That Be are looking for a new way to bring Wonder Woman to the television screen. And this time they're going for the young audience: Vulture reports that The CW is developing the script for a series called Amazon, about Diana of Themiscyra's origin story. Apparently Warner Bros. TV and DC Comics think that the key to making a Wonder Woman series actually happen is to meet her when she's just developing her powers, not as the fully-formed badass we know from the comics.

Of course this automatically brings to mind The CW's hit Superman origin series Smallville, but interestingly, there's also shades of Grey's Anatomy here. That's because the man writing the pilot, Allan Heinberg, wrote several episodes of Grey's from seasons 3-6 (the last being in 2010). In fact, his IMDb page reveals that he's also penned episodes of The OC, Gilmore Girls, and Sex and the City. So now I'm envisioning the young Diana as some merging of Summer Roberts, Rory Gilmore, and Carrie Bradshaw… which might not be the worst thing?

I'm willing to be open-minded about an origin story where we witness a young Diana learn how to harness her powers (and, I imagine, her sexuality) and go from an island of all women to interacting with not only human men, but superpowered members of the opposite sex. Wonder Woman is one of those comic book heroes I know the least about, so of course I'm aware of canon, but I would be OK with the writers noodling around with her background and the events that lead to her becoming Wonder Woman. I mean, the comics have already screwed things up by suddenly giving her daddy issues, so could a TV show do that much more damage?

Bear in mind that no pilot has actually been ordered; Heinberg is just writing the script, and The CW is interested. So even if it gets greenlit, we're a long ways away from anything concrete. Remember when Joss Whedon was rumored to be developing his own Wonder Woman and considering How I Met Your Mother‘s Cobie Smulders for the lead? Bad timing, because that still would be my dream project.

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