16 Reasons Why Wonder Woman is the Best Justice League Character

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In 2016, we got our first taste of the new Wonder Woman. Over the years, we have plenty of movies about Batman and Superman. But has there been a live-action Wonder Woman movie since her 1941 debut? Nope. Not until 2017! It is a shame that we waited so long to get a full taste of the best Justice League member, but she was well worth the wait. With Gal Gadot playing Diana, Princess of the Themyscira, we couldn’t ask for anyone better. It was like she was born to play this hero!

Since her debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we’ve gotten to know all the reasons why Wonder Woman is the best. She is a critical part of the team by playing the voice of reason. In superhero teams, egos can get pretty inflated and cloud judgment, but not Diana’s. She knows when to call people out for being egotistical and illogical. She is guided by her morals and she uses love to defeat evil. Those are just a few of the many reasons that we love this superhero so much.

Mild spoilers for Justice League below, read with your own caution!